Hanging Signs

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There are over 300 designs to choose from including DOGS, HORSES, BIRDS, WILDLIFE, FARMYARD, SPORTS and CARS

These beautiful House and Farm Signs are individually Hand Made to order. They are perfect for mounting on the house wall or on a post at the end of the drive. They are distintive and stylish. We make them in two sizes, 13" (33cm) and 16" (40cm) and the hanging plates come in several sizes according to your house name.

(We size this automatically when we are making the sign)
Hanging Sign prices include up to 20 letters or numbers on each side.

13" Hanging Signs are available in A and B group designs and 16" in A,B or C.
13" HANGING SIGN £72.50 - 16" HANGING SIGN £92.50




The Sussex Sign is bright and contemporary, with its simple bracket and bright white hanging plate it is both attractive and highly visible. The bracket is 38cm long and the
hanging plate is either 32cm x 12cm or 24cm for two lines. You can choose a motif from over 300 options or choose to have just lettering.

Again, up to 20 letters or numbers per side.
Choose any Group A or B design.


Hanging Signs
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