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We can create your own unique design; why not have your Horse, Dog, Cat or even your Tractor on a House sign, a Weather Vane or one of our other beautiful products.

There is a one off design fee of £25, after which you can order any of our products in your unique design at the standard product price. We will hold your design on file for at least 3 years, during which time you can re-order whenever you would like.

When ordering a bespoke design - please add any standard products to your basket first, then the Bespoke Design. Once you have added your Bespoke Design to the basket the system will not allow you to add a standard product.

The process is simple - just follow the steps below:-

Step 1.  Add Bespoke Design Fee to your basket, by clicking here.
This is a one off fee, you can order as many products as you like in your special design.
Step 2.  Upload a SUITABLE photograph
When choosing a photograph try to imagine how it will look in silhouette, can you see all four legs, both ears, etc. Have a look at the examples of good and bad below. Please only upload a PDF or JPEG image with minimum width 650 pixels.
You must have permission from the COPYRIGHT owner to use a photograph that you have not taken yourself. By uploading an image to this site, you are confirming that you have permission to use the image

CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO and follow the simple instructions.
Step 3. Tell us what product(s) you would like made in your special design, do this by selecting Shop by Products on the home page, click on the product you would like to order and in the design list at the bottom of the page click on BESPOKE and add to basket. This will add your chosen product in your bespoke design to your basket. Proceed to checkout in the normal way.

Once we receive your order we will check that your photograph is suitable, and contact you if we foresee a problem.

We will then proceed to create your unique design, this will be emailed to you for approval, within 10 working days. Once approved we will make your order for you and you should receive it within another 10 working days.

bespoke solution
bespoke solution