Design Information

Our lovely handmade products are available in a large choice of designs. All of our products are made by hand, which allows us to decide how each design will work best with each product, so there may be some very slight variation between the design advertised and the design you receive.


When you purchase a product from us, you are choosing the PROFILE (ie the dog/car/horse), not the BACKING (ie the gate/reeves/tree behind). The smaller products will have no backing at all, and the backing for the rest of the products may vary depending on what we think works best for that design and product combination. If you would specifically like a certain backing with your profile, please contact us (preferably via email with a photo of the backing you particularly like) and we will do our best to meet your requirements.



As some designs are very intricate it is not possible to make every product in every design, so each product description will tell you if there are any restrictions on the design you can choose. Sometimes we can fit slightly more intricate designs onto smaller products, however, some of the finer details and additional 'extras' may be lost if we do this. For example, if you would like the 'Jump' design on a hookit, this can be done, but the showjump the horse is jumping over will not be on the final product - it will just be the horse itself jumping. The designs are divided into 4 groups. Group A designs are available in ALL products. Group B, C, and D have restrictions.